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Petra Equipment is a cafe shopfitter with over 25 years experience in Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane. Feel free to contact us for more information about cafe design, cafe fitouts & takeaway ideas.

Do you have a Coffee shop concept but are struggling to work out how to achieve it? Or even wanting to revamp your existing shop?

We can handle your shop fitting from conception to completion.


No matter the size of the project every job takes priority, we make sure the entirety of the project is running smoothly and on time. Petra equipment will assign a project manager to your job so that the fit out is executed correctly. Only the highest standard of workmanship is provided throughout the process of the Cafe shop fit out.


Petra Equipment’s in-house designer is proficient in all aspects of the design process whether it be conceptually beautiful drawings or submitting finalized plans for approval, you will be in safe hands. Our in-house designer is experienced in commercial kitchen planning and layouts, you are guaranteed to receive a cafe shop design you will love. Read more about our Commercial Kitchen Design.


From small takeaway shops to large restaurants, we take every job and turn it into something successful. Taking your vision and ideas we create a functioning hospitality business. Take the first step and arrange a free consultation so that we can advise you on the best solution for your cafe fitout.

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Essential equipment for opening a coffee shop

When it comes to setting up a coffee shop, the type and quality of cafe equipment matters a lot. It can either make or break your business. Avoid utilized or shoddy hardware. Coffee making is a craftsmanship in itself and your clients will notice when you utilize cheap equipment. Used equipment is worse as you don't have an assurance to what extent the hardware will last before it glitches. Having the best hardware offers the best and most elevated ROI (return on investment) in your business. The following equipment is highly recommended to use in your business, which will offer you some assistance with preparing top notch, heavenly beverages that will keep your clients wowed. 

Espresso machines: An espresso machine is your most valued investment alongside securing astounding espresso beans from an expert espresso roaster. Most customers never come to a coffee shop for black, plain coffee. They are after cappuccinos, mochas, and lattes. Such espresso based coffee beverages will drive your income; however they all require to be prepared using an espresso machine. Learning about its operation and maintenance is crucial to your business.

Espresso coffee grinders: Your espresso machine is only as good as your coffee grinder. When you appropriately pound coffee; its surface increases, uncovering soluble particles, and oils giving the cup its unique flavour. With a specific end goal to deliver amazing espresso reliably, you need steady size of ground beans .Espresso machines require ultra fine grind only produced by espresso grinders in order to work consummately. To be fully equipped, you need to have at least a conical burr grinder for regular espresso beans and one for decaf. Continuously have their settings on coffee grind.

Commercial blender: A commercial blender always comes in handy for preparing frozen espresso drinks.

Commercial coffee grinder: Latte and espresso drinkers will boost your business, yet you additionally need to take care of customary clients that simply need plain, black coffee.

Dishwasher: commercial dishwasher is a crucial part of your business, you may settle on a commercial programmed machine or one with a three compartment sink. Paper cups are an extraordinary answer for to-go clients, however most bistro latte clients lean towards utilizing espresso mugs. Your coffee equipment needs to be thoroughly washed during the day.

Refrigerators: You’ll need a commercial refrigerator to store your milk and a small one to be placed under the counter for easy accessibility.

Water: You need to invest in quality water as 98% of a cup of coffee is water. Your espresso machine will be damaged within a year if the water contains high mineral content. Ensure the quality of your water is tested, and buy a filtration system if it is necessary.

Cash register: A POS (point of sale) is important for completing transactions fast enough. Once your business picks you can invest in tablet based systems and touch screen interfaces.

Credit card machine: Most of your customers might want to pay using their credit card and its imperative you have a credit card machine. It is way more economical if you use a system like square or PayPal which enables you to access cards from a computer or a smart phone. Go through several options before you make a decision.

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