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Industry Knowledge

We have a vast knowledge base of the food and hospitality industry. Petra aims to create detailed and precise unique point of difference for your business.

We create customer focused food and beverage experiences which strategically take advantage of dining in all its form to maximise your business potential, built on strong financial foundations. Thinking short term no longer gives the level of strategy needed to survive in tomorrows fast changing food and hospitality industry. Petra knows what is up and coming.

In-house Designers

Our aim is to see your vision into reality – our highly experienced in-house restaurant designer is proficient in submitting plans for council, body corporate and centre management approvals.

With vast experience in commercial kitchen planning and layouts, you are guaranteed to not only achieve a conceptually beautiful restaurant, but one that not only meets all industry standards, but most importantly promotes great work flow and efficiency. Read more about our Commercial Kitchen Design.

No Job Too Big or Small

Our extensive experience in shop fit outs range from Food Vans, Intimate Cafes to Large Restaurants but our objective remains to maximize space, cultivate your vision and create a kitchen layout that's functionality will enhance your business.

Take the first step in bringing your vision into reality, contact us TODAY to arrange a no obligation consultation. At Petra Projects, no dream is too big or small – let us assist in your journey to success!

We design, fit out and install all food shops. Take your pick.

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Pizza Shop

Everyone loves a good pizza. Start your pizza shop today and serve your style of pizza. Neapolitan, New York, Greek, woodfire pizza no problem. We’ll know the exact equipment you’ll need to create the perfect pizza.

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Bakery Shop

Are you after a shop to sell amazing pastries, pies, cakes and more? We can design the best layout for your bakery regardless of how big or small your space is. We have a wide assortment of displays for best visual merchandising.

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Kebab Shop

Doner kebab, iskender kebab, shish kebab. We can create a classic kebab shop or even one with a modern twist. No matter what it is we’ll have the perfect shop for your kebab offering.

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Coffee Shop

Do you want your coffee shop to be modern yet stylish? or perhaps a trendy gathering spot? or even art deco themed? Whatever it is you are after we can design the store specifically to your vision. We’ll be sure your coffee taste good too.

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Japanese Restaurant

Looking to serve a cuisine that has been refined throughout the ages? Japanese cuisine is very popular as it incorporates a wide range of ingredient and cooking styles. We can create the perfect setup for you to suit your menu and theme.

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Chinese Restaurant

There are many styles of Chinese cuisines that has emerged from different provinces, bringing in a wide variety of flavours. We can design and fit out the restaurant to any style you are after.

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Vietnamese Restaurant

Looking to open the best Pho shop in Australia? We can create an atmosphere that suits any style of Vietnamese cuisine. Contact us to see our variety of previous projects and designs.

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Korean Restaurant

Want to sit around a table with your family and friends while eating fresh off the plate? Korean food has become a well known cuisine due too it’s popularity with KBBQ. If you want to create a flourishing experience like no other enquire with us today.

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Italian Restaurant

Do you want your restaurant to have the beautiful taste of Rome? Italian cuisine has developed through many centuries, and is well known globally for their delicious pizza and pastas. So enquire with us today for more details on the perfect Italian restaurant.

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Dessert Shop

Ever want to be the one shop everyone runs to when they have a sweet tooth? We’ve got you covered. Be it cake or ice cream or a sweets shop we can create any vibe that matches your dessert shop. Contact us today to discuss everything design, fit out and equipment.

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Beverage Shop

Tea with a BITE and a taste of explosion. Bubble tea is a delicious tea beverage that has become very popular within Australia, do you want your shop to be the next big thing? We can design the store to whatever suits your business need. Find out more by talking to our design team today.

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Whiskey? Cocktails? Wines? Want people to be enjoying their time throughout happy hour? We can create the perfect setting to go along with any drink. Every detail will be well thought-out in the design process based on your vision.


No worries, we build it all. Just contact us for a free consultation.

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